gooddata_sdk.utils.load_all_entities(get_page_func: functools.partial[Any], page_size: int = 500) AllPagedEntities

Loads all entities from a paged resource. The primary input to this function is a partial function that is setup with all the fixed parameters. Given this the function will get entities page-by-page and merge them into a single ‘pseudo-response’ containing data and included attributes.

An example usage:

>>> import functools
>>> import gooddata_metadata_client as metadata_client
>>> import gooddata_metadata_client.apis as metadata_apis
>>> api = metadata_apis.EntitiesApi(metadata_client.ApiClient())
>>> get_func = functools.partial(api.get_all_entities_visualization_objects, 'some-workspace-id',
>>>                              include=["ALL"], _check_return_type=False)
>>> vis_objects = load_all_entities(get_func)
  • get_page_func – an API controller from the metadata client

  • page_size – optionally specify page length, default is 500