Catalog Permission Service

The gooddata_sdk.catalog_permission service enables you to perform the following actions on permissions:

  • Get and set declarative permissions

Declarative methods

The gooddata_sdk.catalog_permission supports the following declarative API calls:

  • get_declarative_permissions(workspace_id: str)

    Returns CatalogDeclarativeWorkspacePermissions.

    Retrieve current set of permissions of the workspace in a declarative form.

  • put_declarative_permissions(workspace_id: str, declarative_workspace_permissions: CatalogDeclarativeWorkspacePermissions)

    Set effective permissions for the workspace.

Example Usage

from gooddata_sdk import GoodDataSdk

# GoodData.CN host in the form of uri eg. "http://localhost:3000"
host = "http://localhost:3000"
# GoodData.CN user token
token = "some_user_token"
sdk = GoodDataSdk.create(host, token)

workspace_id = "demo"

# Get permissions in declarative from
declarative_permissions = sdk.catalog_permission.get_declarative_permissions(workspace_id=workspace_id)

declarative_permissions.permissions = []

# Update permissions on the server with your changes