Compute Service

The gooddata_sdk.compute service drives computation of analytics for GoodData.CN workspaces. The prescription of what to compute is encapsulated by the ExecutionDefinition which consists of attributes, metrics, filters and definition of dimensions that influence how to organize the data in the result.

Higher level services like Table service use Compute service to execute computation in GoodData.CN. Higher level service is also responsible for results presentation to the user e.g. in tabular form.

The gooddata_sdk.compute supports the following entity API calls:

  • for_exec_def(workspace_id: str, exec_def: ExecutionDefinition)

    Returns Execution.

    Starts computation in GoodData.CN workspace, using the provided execution definition.

  • retrieve_result_cache_metadata(workspace_id: str, result_id: str)

    Returns ResultCacheMetadata.

    Gets execution result’s metadata from GoodData.CN workspace for given execution result ID.