GoodData Python SDK Documentation

GoodData Python SDK provides a clean and convenient Python API to interact with GoodData.CN.

At the moment the SDK provides services to inspect and interact with the semantic layer and to consume analytics.

Getting Started


  • GoodData.CN installation; either running on your cloud infrastructure or the free Community Edition running on your workstation

  • Python 3.7 or newer


Run the following command to install the gooddata-sdk package on your system:

pip install gooddata-sdk


All the services are accessible by class gooddata_sdk.GoodDataSdk. The class forms an entry-point to the SDK. All other examples assume you have an entry-point to the GoodDataSdk instance already initialized.

Example of how to create an instance of GoodDataSdk:

import gooddata_sdk

# GoodData.CN host in the form of uri eg. "http://localhost:3000"
host = "http://localhost:3000"
# GoodData.CN user token
token = "some_user_token"
sdk = gooddata_sdk.GoodDataSdk.create(host, token)

Catalog Service

The gooddata_sdk.catalog service enables you to list catalog objects from a workspace. It contains all the datasets and metrics registered in the workspace.

Example of how to read all datasets and metrics in a workspace:

workspace_id = "demo"

# read catalog for demo workspace
catalog = sdk.catalog.get_full_catalog(workspace_id)

# print all dataset in the workspace
for dataset in catalog.datasets:

# print all metrics in the workspace
for metric in catalog.metrics:

Insights Service

The gooddata_sdk.insights service gives you access to insights stored in a workspace. It can retrieve all the insights from a workspace or one insight based on its name. Insight instance is the input for other services like a Table service

Example of how to read all insights in a workspace:

workspace_id = "demo"

# reads insights from workspace
insights = sdk.insights.get_insights(workspace_id)
# print all fetched insights
for insight in insights:

Compute Service

The gooddata_sdk.compute service drives computation of analytics for GoodData.CN workspaces. The prescription of what to compute is encapsulated by the ExecutionDefinition which consists of attributes, metrics, filters and definition of dimensions that influence how to organize the data in the result.

Higher level services like Table service use Compute service to execute computation in GoodData.CN. Higher level service is also responsible for results presentation to the user e.g. in tabular form.

Table Service

The gooddata_sdk.table service allows you to consume analytics in typical tabular format. The service allows free-form computations and computations of data for GoodData.CN Insights.

For example look at how you can get tabular data for an insight defined on your GoodData.CN server:

workspace_id = "demo"
insight_id = "some_insight_id_in_demo_workspace"

# reads insight from workspace
insight = sdk.insights.get_insight(workspace_id, insight_id)

# triggers computation for the insight. the result will be returned in a tabular form
table = sdk.tables.for_insight(workspace_id, insight)

# and this is how you can read data row-by-row and do something with it
for row in table.read_all():

API Documentation

Check out the API section for further information.

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